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Corindiger bitcoin, Emelyn Garcia

John Clarke Prieš 5 dienų Am much thrilled to see her other investors. She is a very sincere woman who understands the challenges faced by beginners, I started trading bitcoin under her guidance after seeing her interview with CNBC.

She doesn't request for any charges to teach investors on how to trade and generate profits for themselves. Social Security as it exists is by nature unsustainable, particularly with an aging population and low birth-rates, but it should be replaced by a comprehensive social-welfare system, similar to those seen in other developed countries.

Taxes on capital gains, and closing the loopholes in our 70, page long tax code is non-negotiable. MrSpectamanPrieš 7 dienų So benefits go to 79 percent when the retired person is 80, the cost of living stays the same, sure that will wok.

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Darin HerrickPrieš 8 dienų Also: Flat social security with lower tax sounds good to me. Equality in America at last!

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Poor, rich, race, ethnicity, don't matter! Everybody gets the same!

I'm just sayin'. Rock the VotePrieš 8 dienų What a bunch of libertarian filthy rich freaks' brainwashing. This is not true at all. Net WorthPrieš 9 dienų In other words, if you are a millennial or Zer you are going to get screwed on taxes. The "rich" will not solve this problem and rolling the dice on equities would not be advisable in a market which is currently nearly 40 x earnings.

Giving other people a disproportionate share of my benefits was not the agreement. Everything is cheaper there.

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You can receive the benefits without contributing a dime into it. Leave it alone.

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And if you care so much about retirement then start saving! Sean LiuPrieš 14 dienų Remove the wage cap might help little bit.

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And extended retirement age. That way SSA able generate higher revenue and reduce expenses.

Uždirbkite „Bitcoins“ naudodami „captcha“ įvestį. Pajamos už įvedimą „captcha“

This is right thing to do to save SSA, but Congress man won't do it, bcz it will affect them to be re-elected. Sean LiuPrieš 14 dienų In my opinion, corindiger bitcoin not invest SSA trust funds in the stock market, just keep the safest interest earning funds, I already have a lot of risk invest for my IRA in the stocks.

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I would expect SSA should be the fastest retirement funds, if they gamble the corindiger bitcoin, it eventually ends up taxpayers pay those losses. J L k KauffmanPrieš 14 dienų Get rid of the social security program, it's broken, it was intended to help elderly in the great depression they thought it would fizzle out, were corindiger bitcoin off on our own! Nothing is free Beauty LizzyPrieš 16 dienų Great content. Everyone needs more than there basic salary to be corindiger bitcoin secured.

The best thing to do with your money is to invest. Money left in savings always end up used with no returns. I started investing in bitcoin mid November with the help of a well-known professional, Mrs Olivia Albert and the profits almost entirely funded my recent duplex.

How Social Security Works

End that. Myke McCormickPrieš 16 dienų There is a very simple fix. Anyone in the U. This is hardly "multi-millionaire" territory. That having been said, I would support a higher maximum contribution level, even though this would have affected me many times in my career. No maximum at all?

Uždirbkite „Bitcoins“ naudodami „captcha“ įvestį. Pajamos už įvedimą „captcha“

I would have to see the math on that and whether that was simply overkill. La jamedPrieš 16 dienų Republicans stop funding and change the amount to fund.

They new this day will come.? It was cut back.

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And Medicare. CaddiePrieš 17 dienų Social Security is a good deal for the American worker. BradPrieš 17 dienų I rather have my social security taxes not withheld and invest it corindiger bitcoin. Probably get a much better rate of return.