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    The idea is buying stocks when the price is low — very low, this is where the name bitcoin penny stocks stocks comes from also known as pink sheet stocks, penny shares or cent stocks.

    Therefore, you must have the proper knowledge and understanding of the penny market before diving in. We will provide that exact data, knowledge and secrets of penny stocks and penny stocks trading in this full penny stock trading course.

    This course is built with 6 main subjects in mind: 1.

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    Introduction to penny stocks trading, what is it? Stock market basic concepts — this is intended for the beginner investor, making sure you have all the basic knowledge to continue to more advanced learning 3.

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    Advantages and disadvantages - Penny stock trade might be tricky, so should you invest in penny stocks? Stock charts - Use technical analysis and Stock charts to choose the right time to buy and sell the stock in the short term, those lessons are packed with valuable tools, indicators, strategies and methods that will give you the extra mile when trying to beat the market.

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    Stock value analysis — learn how to analyze a stock through the company real financial results, have a sense in evaluating the price of the stock and learn how to use tools like stock screener to find the best penny stocks for your portfolio Download now!