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    Mes pasiūlysim geresnę kainą ir duosime Jums papildomą nuolaidą iki Eur! Tiesiog palikite užklausą arba paskambinkite mums. Produkto aprašymas Soundstream BTC 2. Itin crypto turto trading veikimo laikas, puiki garso sklaida bei kokybė už patrauklią kainą!

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    Tower Portable is designed to be a sophisticated home Bluetooth speaker, but also holds a detachable portable full range speaker for on-the-go fun. The precisely engineered super bass enclosure produces outstanding space-filling, high-fidelity sound with full bass.

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    Whether you plan to primarily use it in a smaller bedroom or office, as an all-in-one unit for your home entertainment setup in the living room, this wireless speaker consistently fills your 2 btc with powerful, crisp and crystal clear audio.

    It automatically 2 btc to the last device for instant playback. The omnidirectional stereo sound gives the impression that you are in a multi speaker environment.

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    It allows you to enjoy and immerse yourself within this powerful, spherical and precise, clear, quality of sound in every location of your room. Achieving a more dynamic Audio.

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    Just control it from your device or the speaker and enjoy the wireless streaming music wherever you want. With the integration of an isobaric super bass system and high performance 20 watts subwoofer, this speaker delivers deep low thundering bass with crystal clear sound. Perfect for party, picnic, or barbecue.

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